Our chance to have substantial input on what our city will look like in the future only happens once every 4 years. City Council just heard from those who had the time to talk to them, now it’s our turn to be heard! Our newly elected City Council is in the process of setting the 4 year budget and we are currently looking down two paths, maintaining the status quo or an erosion of our city and the services working families rely on.

Naturally, the loudest voices carry the day in these discussions and as it stands the wealthy and the connected are screaming the loudest for cut backs and tax freezes leaving working families to shoulder the burden of decreased services and a crumbling city. It’s time to counter their few with our many and let them know we deserve a better city and the burden of that should be felt equitably not just to working families.

Take action by sending an email now and make sure your friends and family do too!