Working Families Edmonton is a broad-based collective of voices ranging from community members/organizations, local activists, and unions. We came together in 2021 with the hope that with information and transparency, the voice of working families can finally be heard within City Hall and their priorities will be echoed by policies.

Working Edmontonians deserve better; they deserve a city that puts them first. Edmontonians know that taxation is necessary but want their leaders to spend it responsibly in maintaining and creating the world-class city we all deserve. We reached out and partnered with organizations, citizens and activists who shared this vision in order to create an organization that could keep Edmontonians informed about the things that are being rammed through city hall that fail to accomplish this.

We are now working to expand our mandate, provide resources for local action, and create new campaigns to unite and advance the interests of Edmonton’s working people.

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Working Families Edmonton is holding our leaders accountable and fighting for our city.

Our Roots

Conservative governments use local elections to support candidates who will, in turn, cut public services and accept pitiful provincial funding. This strategy was foreshadowed by the UCP’s sweeping legislation that increased the role of big money in municipal elections and decreased the need to report funders until after election day.

With no dedicated municipal reporters covering what is happening at City Hall, combined with the lack of fiscal transparency we knew something had to be done. Our first campaign, Act for Edmonton, attempted to do just that. We hope to see its success transform our City Hall and empower our organization for years to come

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Our People

Greg Mady


Greg Mady is the President of the Edmonton & District Labour Council (EDLC). A member of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) Greg was elected in 2018 to help the EDLC continue it’s advocacy for working people in Edmonton. As long time union activist and community organizer Greg brings a range of skills and experience to his role.

Why is he engaged? “For too long average working people have been ignored in politics in favour of a wealthy and powerful elite. If we’re not acting to increase the recognition of our value we are agreeing to see others benefit off of our work. I think we deserve better, and can do better as long as we do what we can as often as we can, together we can make it happen!”