Wondering why our public transit system isn’t as frequent, fast and secure as you would like? Recently the city produced a report outlining where our transit system is, why it’s there, and where it could be. Even with the additional funding at the 2023 fall budget adjustment we are still far from maintaining current levels of service let alone expanding it.*

What would you say if you found out that if property owners paid on average an extra $0.25 / day you could have a fast, frequent, safe and secure transit network? Can you imagine the world class network we could have if we doubled this investment for a whopping $0.50 / day? With a dedicated transit levy we can make this happen!

The good news is we can do this, the bad news is we will have to fight for it. Sign up now to join a growing list of transit riders and find out how you can get the transit system you deserve!

*UPDATED funding requirements since the fall budget adjustment.